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Private label

We specialize in manufacturing top quality decorative cosmetics based on the ingredients used by world- recognized American, French and English companies. Our team of well qualified and experienced specialists takes care the products guarantee the highest quality. Our offer includes face powders, eye shadows, blushers, mascaras, lip glosses and concealers.

Anel Cosmetics products are annually presented at The World Cosmetics Fairs in Paris, Bolonia and Moscow. Our business partners are well known many European companies and we are regarded as a reliable, top quality decorative cosmetics supplier.

We are also active in the area of designing and manufacturing cosmetics packagings whose two new lines are introduced every year. Currently, we own several dozen individual, world-recognized designs.


Our offer includes:

  • Packaging of products,
  • Repackaging of products,
  • Labelling,
  • Folding,
  • Blister packing: plastic-cardboard or plastic-plastic,
  • Inscribing serial numbers, signatures,
  • Creating custom promotional kits,
  • Preparing Christmas and occasional kits,
  • Sticking sachets, samples, gadgets, flyers using adhesive pads, tapes, adhesives, etc.
  • Making additional inscriptions on different materials and surfaces,

  • Executing all kinds of tasks related to packaging, labelling and similar forms of promotion,
  • Producing dedicated packages for all types of products,
  • Pouring all kinds of liquid products such as nail polish, mascara, lip gloss, fluid.

  • DOWIEDZ SIĘ WIĘCEJ o konfekcjonowaniu produktów kosmetycznych

    We have been collecting knowledge and experience in this industry for more than 25 years acting in an extremely demanding and competitive cosmetics market. Basing on our experience, we are able to offer comprehensive packaging and customization services for all industries without any exception. Additionally, there are no too customized orders for us, which are too difficult to execute. Challenges are an additional advantage of our work and many our Customers have been already convinced, how well we can deal with them.

    An additional offer of our company is production of packages for both cosmetics and other types of industries. We use the most modern technologies thanks to the developed machinery park and equipment. We design and produce packages, which are created especially for a customer to meet specific needs and requirements.