Packaging and customization of cosmetic products.

Packaging and customization of cosmetic products are an extremely important part of the packaging process, which can be provided by us separately as well as in combination with other services related to connection with other services related to packaging and shipment of finished products

Thanks to our offer, a customer receives a comprehensive (complete) solution for the entire production cycle in order that the finished product finds its way to the company or to the indicated location.

Below, there is a sample diagram of the cooperation with a Customer. Our 25-years' experience in production as well as in packaging and customization of cosmetic products has allowed us to develop effective and friendly elements of cooperation with our customers and partners.

We supply products of excellent quality and in exactly ordered quantity on time.

As it is presented on the figure above, our company aims at the best quality production system. A customer wishing to receive finished products may order each semi-finished product needed for the entire production process or commission it to us.

We will store the order, catalog it, check the quality and then we will send you the receipt confirmation. In case of a need of additional items such as cosmetic refills, boxes, blisters, etc., we can make them in our company or commission their execution to other proven partners.

In order to keep the best quality, we will prepare samples and send them for approval. The next step will be starting production and execution of the order within the time specified by the Customer. The finished products will be sent to the place of destination or they will wait to be collected from our warehouse.